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Portrait of Richard Swain.Special  Edition: Presidents Corner

As we start 2014 we are embarking on the 84th year of AMPS. It seems incredible that we have been around for so long. I think the main reason is that groups of dedicated people have been behind the organization from the start. Film makers from around the world have expressed their support by submitting hundreds of films and videos to the AIFVF and NAMMA festivals.

It is now time for a new group to take the lead and guide AMPS into the future.

As of February 15th, 2014, the present directors, the Secretary/Treasurer and I (President) are resigning our offices. We have elected a new set of officers and directors. I was very impressed with the backgrounds of people who make up our new officers and directors. The biographies of all are on the website. Read them and I’m sure you will agree with me that this group has the experience and background to provide AMPS with the leadership needed to continue for the next 84 years.

I have enjoyed being your president for the past 7 years, and would like to thank everyone who helped me guide AMPS. I expect great things to continue far into the future.

Richard Swain (AMPS President)

Meet the new team ... click here to read about them.
Portrait of Bernadette Brady. Portrait of Sheldon Demke. Portrait of Garry Morris. Portrait of Kent Hayes. Portrait of Adam Mast.

We all regret that AIFVF and NAMMA contests could not take place in 2013. Watch for announcements about 2014.

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